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Final plans & statements moving forward, regarding the state of Slothhost

Slothhost CEO is still missing. Please cancel your service subscriptions with your payment processor (i.e Paypal). Service termination and suspension for non-payment have been temporarily disabled at this time. New orders are no longer being accepted. If you have access to your server's panel or service's files, please download a copy of your data as soon as possible. Your service may cease to function at a variable point in the future. We are processing as many refunds as possible with no need for request. At this time, there are no longer staff members to process support requests or live chat.

For assistance with platforms used in backing up or managing your server's files:
Using SFTP: https://help.slothhost.com/en/article/sftp-guide-jsls88/
Using the panel File Management tab: https://help.slothhost.com/en/article/using-the-panel-file-management-tab-1nzftku/

» US Servers:
As mentioned in our post yesterday, data from US servers will be terminated on August 26th. Unless our CEO were to return, there is absolutely nothing our remaining staff can do to help, your data will be permanently lost. After a back and forth with our datacenter partners, we discovered that the bill had not been paid, an amount of which none of us are capable of paying (and will not be disclosed). This amount will double around August 1st.

» EU Servers:
Considering US servers were suspended for nonpayment, it is likely that EU servers will be as well. With the information we have, we estimate that these servers will be going down on August 9th. PLEASE BACK UP YOUR DATA BEFORE THIS PERIOD, AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Should you fail to do so, your data will be permanently lost.‎

‎» Discord bot hosting, VPS servers, and others:
We're unaware of the billing periods for any of these services and as such we have no idea when they will be terminated. PLEASE BACK UP YOUR DATA FREQUENTLY. Should you fail to do so, your data will be permanently lost.

» Future Payments:
Please take steps necessary to avoid any additional payments being made in the future. YOU MUST CANCEL YOUR SERVICE SUBSCRIPTIONS WITH YOUR PAYMENT PROCESSOR, i.e Paypal: https://www.paypal.com/li/smarthelp/article/how-do-i-cancel-a-recurring-payment,-subscription,-or-automatic-billing-agreement-i-have-with-a-merchant-faq1067. As all terminations and suspensions have been disabled, your server will be active until our datacenter partners suspend nodes for non-payment. We cannot refund you for automatic payments made due to your failure to cancel, see below. You do not need to pay for your server at this time.

» Refunds:
We are beginning our process of refunding servers at this time. This is unfortunately the most control we have in this situation. As our remaining 2 staff do not have access to the account that holds finances used for refunds, we're not aware of how many we are able to process. At some point during our mass refunding, __the account will inevitably run out of money to process refunds with__, at which point we have done all we can in regards to the entirety of this situation. It is entirely possible that *no one* can get refunds, which is unfortunately out of our control. This process is being done automatically with no need for request.

As of August 1st, this process has completed. 1 months worth of invoice refunds have been processed in our system. If your refund is being held by your payment processor, the account may have run out of money, or Paypal may be holding your payment as normal. We cannot help you with this. Our remaining staff have done everything we can.

» Emails:
Our email service has been a victim of non-payment, as such it has been extremely difficult for this message to reach as many people as possible. With our limited access, many possible solutions were attempted, but they have had limited success or delays for one reason or another. We're terribly sorry for anyone who this message did not reach in time, we did the best we could.

Please visit our Discord for updates to this situation.

Thursday, July 30, 2020

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