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Hello SlothHost users,

As you may be aware, we are experiencing some extreme downtime on our US nodes. If your server is located on us-iad.node-1, us-iad.node-2, us-iad.node-3, us-iad.node-4, us-iad.node-5, us-iad.node-6, us-iad.node-7, us-iad.node-8, us-iad.node-9, us-iad.node-10, us-iad.node-11, us-iad.node-12, us-iad.node-13, us-ord.node-1, us-ord.node-2, us-phx.node-1, you are actively affected by this issue. This includes all servers in our Ashburn, Chicago, and Phoenix (US) locations. Servers on these nodes will have a total lack of interaction with their panel and server files.

Please create a local copy of your server's files as soon as possible regardless of where your server is located. This includes servers on legacy NYC and NUE nodes, and HEL, FSN, FSN-P nodes.

At the current moment our staff team is running off of two members who are actively working to inform and resolve the issues at hand, however after recent communication with support from our datacenter partners, this downtime is the result of a billing or account related issue. Both of these circumstances are only able to be resolved by our CEO, who has been MIA during these events.

Your server may be down for an indeterminable amount of time, and to our dismay, there is nothing to be done at this time but wait. Also during this period of distress, support channels have been totally halted, including our live chat platform on the website, and communication is being handled by our Discord. We are truly sorry for your frustrations, confusions, and general anger, and we also hope that wherever our CEO may be, he is in good health.

Thank you for your patience.


Tuesday, July 28, 2020

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