Июл 30 Potentially final update regarding Slothhost

URGENT, PLEASE READ(This is a copy-paste announcement from our Discord) Final plans & statements moving forward, regarding the state of SlothhostTL;DRSlothhost CEO is still missing. Please cancel your service subscriptions with your payment processor (i.e Paypal). Service termination and suspension for non-payment have been temporarily ... Читать далее »

Июл 28 Update on SlothHost and US server downtime

For live updates and recent information, please join our Discord: https://discord.slothy.host Hello SlothHost users,As you may be aware, we are experiencing some extreme downtime on our US nodes. If your server is located on us-iad.node-1, us-iad.node-2, us-iad.node-3, us-iad.node-4, us-iad.node-5, us-iad.node-6, us-iad.node-7, us-iad.node-8, ... Читать далее »

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